Security Storage will transport your goods safely

Transport your archives and your goods safely with Security Storage. We offer you professional and tailored solutions adapted to your specific needs.
When you undertake to move your goods, organising the transport is your primary concern. Regardless of the volume of your archives and goods to move, store or destroy - transport will play a key role in the efficiency and profitability of the process, whether you’re moving to a distant location or more proximally. At Security Storage, we offer you secure, efficient and tailored solutions.

We can pick up your goods and your archives

Security Storage offers you tailored solutions so your archives can be transported according to your needs and requirements. If you prefer, we can also schedule regular collection of your archives. We organise our transport services both as part of schedules fixed in advance and individual one-time deliveries.

Secure transport of your belongings

Teamed up with partners specialised in transporting goods, Security Storage takes good care of your items which are diligently packed to prevent any damage. The transport is organised in a way to optimise the loading and to give you the most efficient solutions. If you need a place to temporarily store your furniture, we can offer you our containers, wooden or metal, which are specially adapted for storing purposes and can safeguard your items against any damage.

Professional treatment of your belongings

The staff at Security Storage are specially trained to handle your items with due care and attention. Regardless of the value, the size or the weight of your items, our staff devotes equal care and attention to each item they deal with.

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