Moving Materials

Security Storage offers you a wide range of moving materials

Transport and store your belongings safely with the packaging materials and assistance of Security Storage. We offer a wide range of boxes, moving blankets and other moving supplies which will protect your goods.

Secure transport cannot exist without the use of proper packaging supplies which ensure the safety and protection of your goods during the move. The same goes for securing your stored goods, be it short-term or long-term. At Security Storage we guarantee that your items are perfectly protected thanks to our range of moving materials specially designed and adapted to cater for any needs: all kinds of boxes, moving blankets, as well as other supplies such as labels, adhesive tapes, straps, lifts, and anything else which can facilitate the moving process, ensure secure transport and keep your stored goods safe.

A complete range of supplies

The offer of supplies at Security Storage is really broad. We have a wide range of cardboard boxes of any size that can hold light or heavy objects. The boxes can be fitted with an extra lining to support hanging folders, smaller boxes or other formats of standard office files. We also have special cartons for wine bottles as well as cartons for your wardrobe contents.

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