Moving and Relocations

Moving is easy with Security Storage

Ask for professional assistance with your move. Call Security Storage and we will take care of all logistic and administrative aspects of your move and we will ensure that the moving experience is smooth and stress-free for you.

When ensuring the safety of your move, do not leave anything to chance. Make sure to pack everything well so it will not get damaged during transit. Arrange for a pick-up service and plan everything in advance to save on unnecessary trips back and forward. It is also important to arrange for a parking spot and for professional assistance with the disassembly of furniture as well as electrical appliances. It may all seem a bit overwhelming but risk should be avoided at any cost. Security Storage can help you throughout the entire process. We offer professional moving services so you can rest assured that all your goods will arrive safely at the destination.

Secure transport

Teamed up with partners specialised in transporting goods, Security Storage takes good care of your items which are diligently packed to prevent any damage. The transport is organised in a way to optimise the loading and to give you the most efficient solutions. If you need a place to temporarily store your furniture, we can offer you our containers, wooden or metal, which are specially adapted for storing purposes and can safeguard your items against any damage.

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Professional treatment of your belongings

The staff at Security Storage are specially trained to handle your items with due care and attention. Regardless of the value, the size or the weight of your items, our staff devotes equal care and attention to each item they deal with.

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A complete package deal

  1. Security Storage takes care of all administrative aspect of your move, e.g. parking arrangements as well as requests for the authorisation to use an external lift and stop signs.
  2. Security Storage offers you a wide range of moving supplies to protect your belongings and avoid any risk of damage during transit.
  3.  In case of delays or organisational constraints, Security Storage can offer you temporary storage solutions.
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