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Security Storage - your partner in secure storage

Choose a professional service provider with secure storing facilities and easy access as well as competitive prices to store your goods and equipment.

Are you dealing with a surplus of goods in need of storing? Abundance of unnecessary equipment which clutters your premises? Do you need to replace some old equipment with new but have nowhere to keep the old? Here's a solutions to your problems: Security Storage can store your items at low cost for as long as it's necessary and they won't be too far in case you suddenly need them again.

Secure storage guaranteed

The security of your belongings is a priority for Security Storage. Your goods and documents are stored safely thanks to our specially designed infrastructure capable of holding up to 30 tons. Your items are protected against any damage, and our warehouses, which are continuously monitored and secured by our security systems, are also protected against fire and theft.

Benefit from our strengths and experience

Professional treatment of your belongings

The staff at Security Storage are specially trained to handle your items with due care and attention. Regardless of the value, the size or the weight of your items, our staff devotes equal care and attention to each item they deal with.

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A variety of storage containers

Security Storage offers you a wide range of archiving containers, from wooden to metal ones, of various sizes:

  • Wooden containers:  > 2,5 m³ > 5 m³ > 8,5 m³
  • Metal containers:  > 33 m³ > 46 m³ > 66 m³ > 75 m³ > 85 m³

We can also offer you to store your own containers in our warehouses.

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The "Swap Shop" containers

Security Storage offers you the service of container "swap shop": we rotate the containers into the optimal position for efficient unloading.

Le stockage et plus

Security Storage offers you a complete range of services to optimise your storage requirements:

  • Security Storage can organise the transport of your goods. Our trusted partners will transfer your goods and your documents safely to our warehouses or to your chosen destination.
  • Whatever your needs, we can offer you a variety of supplies to make sure your goods are transported and preserved in a perfect condition. Discover our packaging materials.

We can also offer you our pallets and containers of all sizes for the storage of your belongings.

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Customised storage duration

You can store your documents and your goods with Security Storage long-term or short-term. From one day to one year, we adapt our services to your particular needs.

Competitive prices

Security Storage guarantees the lowest rates based on the volume of your goods to be stored, the duration of storage and the frequency with which your goods would be accessed.

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