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7 reasons for choosing Security Storage

At Security Storage we offer you a professional service based on a number of unique advantages that will guarantee the optimal management of the archiving and storage of your belongings.

Thanks to our experience and our expertise in the key aspects of storage and archiving, at Security Storage we offer you a complete service based on seven features: security, professionalism, the speed of access, comprehensive package deal, tailored storage time, commitment to quality and competitive rates. These seven elements form the foundation of the relationship we build with our customers to provide them with the best solutions to their storage needs.


At Security Storage we guarantee full security of your stored documents and goods thanks to our surveillance systems. We also guarantee full security of all the processes of document destruction.

Professional treatment of your belongings

Regardless of the value or the size of your items, our staff devotes equal care and attention to each item they deal with. Our employees are specially trained to treat your goods with full professionalism.

Quick access

The localisation of our warehouses in the heart of the Greater Region of Luxembourg and their proximity to major European motorways make it easy to reach them.

A complete service package deal

In addition to storing and archiving, Security Storage can offer you destruction services as well as transport and moving services. We also rent out containers which you can use as storage units at your convenience and we sell and rent out a range of packaging and moving supplies.

Customised storage duration

You can store your documents and your goods with Security Storage long-term or short-term. From one day to one year, we adapt our services to your particular needs.

Commitment to quality

Security Storage participates in the Environment Quality Charter which safeguards the continuous improvement of environment friendly services.

Competitive prices

Security Storage guarantees the lowest rates based on the following three elements: the volume of your goods to be stored, the duration of storage and the frequency with which your goods would be accessed.

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