Leader in the Greater Region of Luxembourg

Security Storage, the leader of secure storage in the Greater Region of Luxembourg

With its two warehouses in Luxembourg (Windhof) and Belgium (Aubange), Security Storage is your partner in storage and archiving in the Greater Region of Luxembourg.

Security Storage has two storage facilities: one in Luxembourg (Windhof) and the other one in Belgium (Aubange). They comprise a number of separate heated warehouses and cover a total area of over 16,000 sqm. Each of them offers various storing options from pallets to wooden or metal containers capable of holding up to 30 tonnes. With this superb localisation in the heart of the Greater Region of Luxembourg and Europe, near the European motorways, Security Storage is the best partner for your storing needs.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Windhof

15km from Luxembourg city, Windhof lies only 1km off the E25 motorway. -> Voir le plan.

Belgium, Aubange

Located in the European Development Pole centre, the warehouse of Aubange can be found near the Athus container terminal. -> Voir le plan.

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A storing solution within easy reach

The localisation of our warehouses in the heart of the Greater Region of Luxembourg and their proximity to major European motorways make it easy to reach them. You can quickly check your archives or retrieve some goods without wasting any time.

How far are you from Security Storage?

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